Brief Title_
North Luna

Develop and finalise album artwork for a new release from Trellion & Sniff on Bad Taste Records. 

Bad Taste Records is a Hip Hop and Electronic music label, originally from Sheffield but now also based in London. The label is releasing a limited edition 16 track LP from artists Trellion and Sniff (Trellion being one of the go founders of Bad Taste.) 

“One part flesh an blood and two parts cartoon, you can find Trellion loungin’ on a beach in the Luna Isles, slicing up steaks of barbecued Caribou and suppin’ on an ice cold glass of Lipton’s, shottin’ one way boat trips to the spiral realm.”

“Sniff can usually be found fully blunted in the BoatHouse. Sorting out all the import/export business and making final sonic adjustments to terrible nautical drones. Shit gets broken when Sniff makes breaks. Taking a sawn-off to a rotten old cabin door for the kicks and poppin’ shots at sheets of corrugated iron with a old Winchester 73′ for the snare.”

The artwork must represent the music it is for – accompanying the music rather than selling it. As the LP will be limited edition, the crafting and production needs to be bespoke and stand as something special – needs to have a sense of quality and be engaging. With this in consideration though it also needs to work digitally. Double sided.

Mandatory Requirements_
Ongoing documentation in the form of a blog along with relevant research material. Final design produced and used within printed/crafted record sleeve, in addition to a digital version.

Target Audience_ 
UK Hip-hop and overall urban/underground music fans.

Tone of Voice_ 
Urban, dark and unusual

1 Final digital design and 1 Final printed/crafted record sleeve – 12x12in.