One of my good friends, George, owns his own Artisan Bakery business specialising in gourmet brownies, and he is doing unbelievably well.

From the year it was established, he had mainly made most of his profit from big events and markets around the UK, but he had also picked up many wholesale customers on the way. 

When we were having a drink he was telling me about how he is now trying to work his way into retail, and with this, is going to need properly packaged products. I jumped at the opportunity, considering I do have an interest in product & packaging, and the food and drink industry, it was perfect. The idea that it would also involve brand thinking and strategy really appealed to me too - it will be really interesting to kind of unravel the business and find it soul - what is Brown & Blond and what makes it unique? I would also love to be able to say I have helped his brand grow.

Although there is not a set date when he will be ready to package up thousands of products, we decided that I would do the hard work, then when he is ready, it is there for him to take and produce on a bigger scale.