I had a whole day to waste in the studio before our DBA presentations so I decided to work on some packaging mockups. This was really useful as it gave me a better understanding of sizing and the aspect of it actually being a physical thing. 

I was quite surprised at how small it was going to be - had it in my head it was going to be a lot bigger for some reason. I think this is going to be quite a challenge when it comes to developing the graphics. 

I then took my work home and constructed more mockups from my sketches. I felt I really needed a brownie so I could actually see how it looked and worked inside the different designs, but I asked George and he said he couldn't get any to me until the weekend. I decided to improvise in the meantime by making a paper one. 


Would not protect the product from damage but would make the product look nice and special - 

Bottom flap box.

Just trying this one out again - 

Snack time. 

Middle flap box. 

Not too keen on this looks a bit strange - 

Flip lid with window. 

Product too hidden - looks a bit strange again 

Final Ideas. 

I decided on the final ideas to show George would be the sleeve and the bottom flap box. 

Obviously the product needs to be kept fresh and not leak grease everywhere as well - I don't want to use greaseproof paper as it will hide the product so I have made the decision that we will use a food friendly plastic wrap. This way the product is fully visible but and protected. 

I also thought about the special edition gift package - using hessian and tags - gives a much more special and handmade feel