As George had recommended Meridian packaging and the fact that they actually specialise in confectionary packaging, I decided to contact them to find out more about materials, production and what they could possibly do for us. 

In terms of designing and creating the packaging on a small scale, I believe I could do this myself, but as this is going to be produced on a mass scale I think I really need to be working alongside professionals. 

I got in contact with them and this was their reply: 


"Good morning Will,

Thank you for your enquiry.

There isn’t much detail to advise you at this stage, could you perhaps send over some images of what styles of packaging you are thinking of? We like to build a profile of our customers’ requirements before we look at designs for them, so ideally as much info as possible at this stage.

The below is a list of questions that I would normally need to know:

· Is the product for direct contact?

· Dimensions of the products, approx. weight of the products

· Style- box and lid, or tuck in end carton? Do you require a fitment or is the product to be placed directly in?

· Is this box for retail use, does it have to sit on a shelf in a certain orientation?

· Does this box need to go through the post?

· Print- do you have any idea of print spec? does it need foiling? Do you want a matt or a gloss finish

· Qtys

· An idea of budget- we don’t want to design something that will cost more than you want to pay.

Once we have a good idea of your needs then we can come up with several design ideas and get some white samples and prices over to you.

Many thanks,

Kirsty Oldroyd

Meridian Speciality Packaging"


Considering we were not yet ready to answer these all these questions, I decided to develop the design first before replying. I wanted to be the one making all the design decisions and felt that using a packaging company this early on would move the project out of my hands. As well as this, George did not have a set date for when the packaging would be produced on a bigger scale; it became clear to me that it was more about having the design there ready for when he did. 

The main things I wanted to find out when enquiring here were were mainly to do with the production, rather than design, but I have made the decision to develop and produce the samples myself, then when these are complete, get back in contact with the company and see how it would be done on a bigger scale and within Georges budget.