After researching and thinking about the direction I want to take this project, I have decided that I really really want to create a digital animation. The problem is that I don't really know how to animate. But, because I am so passionate about creating something that moves, I have acquired Adobe After Effects and am going to see if I can learn the basics -  VERY QUICKLY. My plan is to design something that can work as a static piece, just incase the animation fails, but i'm definitely going to try my best and push whatever I create further so it contains some kind of movement and transition. 

For my first encounter with After Effects, I followed a 20 minute youtube tutorial for a beginner animation that was a very stripped back example of the style I want to work in. 

This was my first attempt :

I was actually really impressed because it wasn't really that hard to make considering I literally have never used the programme before. It did take me about twice as long as the video but I didn't really encounter any problems and I really feel I learnt a lot from it. Yeah it is a bit jumpy and could flow a lot more smoother and in more of a rhythm but that was purely because it was rushed - I could confidently go back to it now and make the amendments - defintaly going to try experiment further with and without tutorials.