Once I was happy with my logo I began looking into existing branding projects to give me inspiration for how the mark could be developed, as well as the rest of the identity, and how I can apply it.

Calexicos by SNASK

Really annoying because this is a perfect example of what I would like my final outcome to be but I don't want to be seen as copying it! The vibrancy of the colours really bring the design to life, with a mix-up of typography that encapsulate the excitement of traditional hispanic sign painting. Absolutely love it. 

Cielo Blanco by Analogue 

Fluorescent Ink 

I started thinking about the idea of vibrancy which led me to look at fluorescent and bold colourful printing. I really like the idea of using really lively colours - maybe on a brown, recycled stock to make it feel more authentic? 

Overprinting really gives it a more rustic and un-perfect aesthetic 

I starting thinking fluorescent recent colours may be slightly too intense and off putting, so I also considered pastel colours - I really like the light pink and blues - not too over the top and still create this sense of vibrancy and quirkiness 

Rough traditional print aesthetic - I think this create a strong sense of authenticity.