This is one of the projects that I fully took on myself whilst working for Tight with my cousin, Lee, so decided that I would use it for Extended Practice. Unfortunately I was really disappointed with the outcome and have had to leave it at this stage to concentrate on my other projects. I am hoping to redo it and get it complete for the official deadline, but did not have time to finish it for the college deadline. Its a shame because I spend a lot of time and stress on it. 


"Design the Logo and Identity for Burley Summer Festival to be applied to a range of printed and digital media, including promotional flyers, pamphlets, social media and website." 

I initially chose to work on this brief as I felt it would be quite fun It really wasn't though. Burley Summer Festival is just a big 'Village Fete' run by old people. 

Check this beauty out (their current logo) -

I was initially asked to come up with ideas - it wasn't about the crafting initially it was just about 'ideas'. But I found this really difficult. I think this is all well and good if you are working for a brand or a company - something with a bit more to it - but for a village fete I just didn't understand. Maybe if I had been to it before I would have understood but from looking at their website and photographs it just seemed like something that needed a fancy sign - nothing with real substance. 

After a frustrating couples of hours researching the festival and thinking, I decided to begin the project by looking into styles of design and aesthetics. These were the boards I produced showing the four directions I felt we could take the project -

After discussing these with Lee, we decided that the second and third routes would be best to take. The theme of the festival is 'Around the World in 80 Days', so we felt the vintage carnival style stuff could work well. I was then left to it again.

I started developing logo designs digitally. I would normally always sketch first but one thing I have found is I really struggle to design, even more so draw, when i'm nervous, and when i'm working in an unfamiliar environment, with people who are more professional than me, Im always nervous. This is really annoying because it means I can't show my full potential.

These were the designs I developed which I just felt were embarrassing. Initial ones took quite a simple, playful hand rendered approach and second ones in a more vintage style -

Lee really seemed really keen on developing a 'around the world in 80 days' themed thing that could work on the flyers and brochure, but with my huge drop in creativity I couldn't bring myself to do it. 

I ended up creating some really child-like hand drawn illustrations that represented some of the festival events. my idea was that these would be put together to create a pattern that could be used throughout all the material -