Brief 001. Vinyl Cover Design

Create a vinyl cover from the email below.

"We're gonna be releasing a limited edition 12" of a mix Evian Christ made last year called Duga-3...

We were discussing artwork concepts and josh wondered if there was any way you could graphically represent the 10hz tapping sound that makes up the duga-3 transmission?

Important to mention right now is that we don't have a lot of time to do this, as this release is intended for record store day and they have super tight deadlines, so we need this by the end of today?

Dimensions 12"x12"

Brief 002. Poster Design 

Create a poster from the email below. 

"Hey new poster please.

+ Guests
Weds 18th April
Kraak Gallery Piccadilly Records

Oh! Please have Saint Coltrane as support...

Brief 003. Self Directed Art Piece

Create a piece of work EACH to no brief and for no reason other than the process of creativity and artistic freedom.

The only rules are it must be a 2D physical object and must be 23cmx16cm. 
Be Brave...