In terms of visual research, I thought the best place to start would be to look at previous artwork designs for the artists.

Clearly, a very similar aesthetic has been used throughout - dark black and white photograph with clear white minimal text overlay_

Looking at other artworks created for releases on Bad Taste 
- slightly more variation 
- all share the same eerie and quite dark quality_

Although I feel I do need to keep with the sinister-like concept driven imagery previously used,  I don't think I need to try and fit in with the 'styles' of existing designs, as each is unique to the artist/music, and how the designer has interpreted them (or has been asked to).

Following this, I want to use this brief as an opportunity to develop my personal image-making/illustration style and techniques, so as there is no specifications, i think approaching it in my own way will be more practical/beneficial

I then looked at photos of the Trellion and Sniff. 

Many of these, again, are all in black and white, which adds to the mysteriousness of them as artists and their existence within the underground hip hop scene_

In terms of inspiration for my own personal image making approaches, I looked into surrealist illustration and character-based street art, as I feel this has a good link to the underground scene and really would really emphasise the bugged out, twisted dream worlds that the tracks draw you into_ 

I found it difficult to source some of the artists, but the list includes
/ Brian Taylor (CandyKiller) 
/ Sauerkids
/ Mr Penfold 
/ Bo130
/ John Antoski 
/ Lucy McLauchlan
/ Bast