Obviously the best place to start for creating artwork for music is by listening to the music itself. 

All tracks from the North Luna album can be found here_

1. North Luna
2. Rain thunder 
3. Cape horn fever 
4. Out cold  
5. How many times 
6. Emergency destruct (skit) 
7. Float out here 
8. Switch nortical ft. Figment
9. Ski mask 
10. Yacht scene  
11. Ox-eye (skit) 
12. V-day massacre 2 
13. Puzzled face 

14. Message from Miffa 
15. Good life  
16. Le chambre ft. Rawkid 

With the extra Limited Edition tracks here_

1. Command Post 

2. This One (Ft. Lee Scott) 
3. The Lost Hour (ft. Jack Danz & Figment)
4. Welfare 
5. Cyclone 7 
6. No try 

As much as i'd like to, I'm not gonna write a review of the album because I think these guys do a much better job of capturing who Trellion & Sniff are through these words.

I have highlighted things that stand out to me_


"‘This 1′ featuring Lee Scott (Blah Records) could have been recorded in a dusty, humid opium den in Nebuchadnezzar era Babylon. It’s like accidental rap. The lyrics fall off the emcees with bravado and conviction. No one can do it this dumb.

‘Command Post’ has a war time, Parker Place under-siege tremor that resonates throughout. Trellion and Sniff go back and forth with tales of ‘nautical criminality’ and ‘how you’re wack’

‘The Lost Hour’ feat Jack Danz and Figment is straight reppin, four verses. An hour was lost but a track was gained. It’s not for kids, or adults. More offensive braggadocio rap shit over a ‘boiler room in the lower quarters of steam city’ beat.

The rest? It’s that North Luna, that Bad Taste music that’s so familiar, yet completely unique. It’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before, and everything you love about this rap shit."


"For me Trellion and Sniff bring two things to the table: slow, pounding, super dumb beats; and some of the best punchlines in the game right now. The new tracks on this release do not disappoint; its so packed full of hip hop quotables I could pretty much type out all the lyrics in the blog! 'Command Post' is the first of the new; a fuzzy, industrial banger co-produced by Trelly & Sniff. The beat on this one is relentless, as T&S go back and forth with their usual blend of nautical references and their general badness "stuff diamonds in the teddy bears back / tryna act like I ain't going anywhere fast / at last, low tide I'm home again / tilt my hat, expression cold like Napoleon".

'This One' is an absolutely foul beat from Sniff with a lazy, stoned guitar whining in and out of the dusty drum track. This one is dedicated to anyone trying to imitate Trellion & Sniff's trademark style "to anybody who thinks that they can do it this dumb / no you can't / even though you be trying so hard" Lee Scott from COTD is the perfect choice for a guest appearance, and keep up his end of the bargain with an ill verse that finishes: "if its not dumb then its not me Trelly and Sniff / what I'm really tryna tell you is this".

'The Last Hour' is a bumping, straight rapping joint, featuring guest verses from Jack Danz and Bad Taste badman Figment. All four go IN, but Sniff kills it for me with one of his slickest verses:

"picking up hood rats, nah man I love that,
'yo Sniff gotta leave Mum's back',
out the window, took her weed in my bum bag,
dumb sag, watermelon blunt wraps,
yo its a good job I run fast,
running down the ave, 'yo your daughters' a cum rag',
shit now Daddy's chasing,
so I waited round the corner and smashed his face in"

The last of the new tracks on the vinyl is 'Welfare' which Trellion takes solo and rides the beat with ease, further establishing himself as one of the best spitters in the game "five acre L's / its my way or the highway, but the highway is my way as well". Sniff's beat is a bouncing, thudding bass and drum track and is one of the stand outs for me. 

'Cyclone 7' is the first of the two bonus digital tracks, and sees Figment join Sniff over a crazy, spaced out soundtrack which perfectly captures the 'Luna' movement. Figment is one of the most underrated emcees in the game, and bars like this go further to stake his claim as one of the finest UK lyricists "its all over, but the best is yet to start / the mind loves a mystery and deaths a question mark". These three need to make a full album together! The dumb shit ends with the menacing growl of 'No Try' and T&S drop some of their best bars on the project. Just check how effortless they make this shit sound "just have yourself a decent time / demonised, only do it for my piece of mind / get your own coz you won't get a piece of mine / here's a rope now find yourself a tree to climb".

'North Luna' is a classic album and this new version tips it over the edge of supreme badness. This is a limited edition release, so head over to Bad Taste Records right now and hook yourself up with one of the most diverse releases in recent years. Lets get dumb!"


In my own opinion a lot of the words here alone allow for amazing potential and inspiration for artwork. 

I decided to expand on these by writing down things I go from the music_

/Chilled out
/Old School

I definitely want to try and project these adjectives visually into the aesthetics and artwork concept. 

I love the idea of illustrating a fantasy scenario involving the rappers as these fictional cartoon characters or alter egos, inspired by the metaphorical descriptions of the musics sounds, or the lyrics themselves. 

/Dusty humid Opium den
/ War time, Parker Place, under seige-tremor
/ Nautical Criminality 
/ Boiler room in the lower quarters of Steam City