As the brand I want to develop is fictional, I need to determine exactly what it is and does before I began the design work. 

I started by doing some market research by looking at similar/existing companies and taking into consideration the products and services they offer_

Milkshake Bars


Sblended is a Milkshake Bar Franchise. 

According to their website_

"The UK has seen an average £5m per year increase in sales associated with milkshakes and ice cream, created from multi million pound investments into advertising by many of the international high street fast food brands. This has consequently created, a hugely popular milkshake concept, where a fun and youthful environment, offers bespoke milkshakes, flurry's and fat free yoghurt treats, created from over 100 choices of flavours.

The 'Sblended' philosophy, has created a leading premier shake bar franchise, offering a more prestigious and targeted concept into high profile locations throughout the UK and overseas. Established in 2009, we have 10 stores strong in places such as Westfield, Bluewater, Glasgow, Liverpool, Dubai and London Zoo, to name just a few. Our iconic logo is already recognised throughout the UK and has become synonymous with our stores.

Our in house design team has created the ultimate shake bar experience, with striking graphics and designs, simplifying the customer experience and ensuring the highest possible sales. Store concepts are designed individually to suit the environment, whilst maintaining the distinctive brand identity. High quality materials and internationally recognised equipment brands are specified, to ensure the best quality product and investment returns are experienced by all."


Another very large milkshake bar franchise. 

"Shakeaway is the original re-inventor of Milkshakes and started a cult following in 1999 with the first shop opening in the sunny seaside town of Bournemouth, you liked it so much we now have stores around the world.

From a eureka moment the founders of Shakeaway thought there should be more to the humble Milkshake, blending a packet of Rolos with Milk and Ice Cream, the first Shakeaway-style Milkshake was born.


Hold it there...

Seeing these two companies alone immediately made me want to stop what I was looking at. There is clearly than over saturation of this kind of company, along with these 'American Candy' stores. There was a gap in the market and its been filled, with a mass of indistinguishable concepts all offering the same service in exactly the same overwhelming and kind of tacky way. The products are great but they don't focus on the whole picture. Designs are very overwhelming, childish and artificial. 

In my opinion these concepts are exiting, but they are not well executed. They need to focus on the WHOLE PICTURE - the experience as well as the product. I think I want this to be the focus of my brand. 

Instead of looking at what there already is, I decided to gather visual research of what I think is missing from the high street. I put together a series of boards looking at artisan style gourmet drinks & delights.

This is what I want the brand to be_

I decided to make a quick, finalised decision on the overview of the brand, instead of beating round the bush and trying to make it difficult. I am not trying to develop a new business, just creating something unique and fictional to design for. 

What is it?
A High-end, confectionery based cafe

What does it do?
-Offers premium gourmet sugar-based delights
-Offers a comfortable & inviting environment to enjoy them in 

What does it sell? 
Milkshakes - 10 Flavours
Soft Drinks - 5 Flavours
Coffee & Tea

Candies - 10 Flavours
Ice Cream - 5 Flavours
Marshmallows - 5 Flavours
Macaroons - 5 Flavours
Cupcakes - 5 flavours
Cookies - 3 Flavours
Brownies - 3 Flavours

Where is it situated?
Leeds City Centre

Target Audience
Mature but still a child at heart
Quite well off
Money spare to treat self or others
Celebrating special occasions 
Enjoys sugary foods
Town on lunchtime or weekends
Wanting somewhere to have a break, relax, catch up 

Tone of Voice
Playful but sophisticated 
Allow products to speak for themselves 

There is nothing really like this. Yes there are milkshake shops, yes there are sweet shops and yes there are cafes, but theres is nothing that brings the 3 together as a place to enjoy the products and create an overall experience. Pretty much all the confectionary based businesses target the same audiences and don't really bring anything special to the table. This company strives to embody colourful, luxurious gourmet delights, bringing class to the confectionary industry with passion for indulgence that only produces the finest of products. 


Hotel Chocolat is a good example of the sort of approach I want to take. Chocolate and confectionary products are overall targeted towards a young audience, and are very commonly seen to be a childish thing. Hotel Chocolat turns this notion on its head, as its image and products are very luxurious, high end, and appeal to a much more mature and sophisticated audience. 

More brand identity designs that stand out to me

Although the Black Diamond Milkshake identity doesn't fully fit with the visions I have for this brand, I do like the way the design is kept stylish and stands out against the overwhelming artificial aesthetic of most milkshake bar brands. The fact that it keeps colour to black & white allows the excitement to come from the colours of the products themselves. 

The products I have been looking at can be seen as artificial themselves through the bold bright, almost luminous colours, so creating a brand identity that emphasises this even more will just be overwhelming. The products speak for themselves so I think I need to develop something that harmonises with this_

Alternatively Silk Candy Bars identity successfully brings in vivid colour, whilst the embossed minimal graphics, chic typography and matt stock bring class and luxuriousness. It is clear the colours chosen have come from the products, but it makes me wonder how well would the design work against products the were a different colour?

Looking at these confectionery brand packaging designs, it is clear they use the products as a point of focus. There is no need to create design that overwhelms with colourful, over the top, unoriginal and childish graphics, as the products are alluring enough and speak for themselves_

Looking at more 'Luxurious' Branding

I then began thinking about a name for the brand. I began by looking in the dictionary and thesaurus for words that I felt related well to the concept_