I began by trying to develop some strange, villainous characters. I wasn't really sure how I wanted to approach the illustrations and was very rusty as I had literally not drawn a think since the beginning of summer. I just started playing with ideas that came to me from the research, as I tried to get some practice in_

There there were ideas here that I really liked so developed them further. I didn't want to spend too much time sketching as this is a short turnaround brief. Yeaaah right...

Once I felt I had a good basis to work from, I scanned my final sketches and worked digitally using illustrator to develop these more thoroughly_

Developing further using Photoshop. I tried to create more of a grungy effect using textures, and brought them to life with shadows. I experimented with how they would work best on a 12x12 layout_ 

same again here - 

From here I then began creating a backdrop for the characters. I really liked the idea of using some kind of spooky, dark scenery to emphasise the sinisterness. I collected various photographs from the internet and experimented with layers and blending until I was happy with the outcome.

trying with characters