The Mental Health Foundation

"We are working towards a world with good mental health, and ending the inequalities that face people experiencing mental health problems, living with learning disabilities or reduced mental capacity.

We develop and run research and delivery programmes across the UK that have, for more than six decades, given us the evidence and expertise to know what works and how to intervene earlier.

We use what we learn to help everyone by offering straightforward and clear information on every aspect of mental health and learning disabilities.

Our advice also helps people help the people they care about too - in their families, their communities or their work. We influence policymakers and advocate for changes in services, using firm evidence and the voices of people with direct experience of the issues.

We are prepared to "speak truth to power" and to campaign on the issues that affect public mental health and wellbeing and the lives of people who have, or are close to someone with a learning disability. We aim to inspire the development of a society free from stigma and discrimination, where everyone can achieve their potential to flourish and thrive.


Every year, the Mental Health Foundation campaign the Mental Health Awareness Week.

'A week in which we help raise awareness of mental health and well being issues. 

The theme of Mental Health Awareness Week 2014 was anxiety, one of the leading causes of mental ill-health in the world. 

2014 Event Overview_

'Everyone has feelings of anxiety at some point in their lives, whether it's preparing for a job interview or bringing up a child. It is normal to experience anxiety in everyday situations, however persistent and excessive anxiety can cause more serious mental health problems.

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems in nearly every country in the world and, while a low level of anxiety can be a useful motivating force, in some cases it can take over your life.

All over the UK, in the USA, Pakistan and South Africa, people got involved in Mental Health Awareness Week 2014 and helped more people to become anxiety aware

-We created a free guide to living with anxiety
-We produced poster to be used in homes, schools, workplaces and other public places to spread the message
-We published the Living with Anxiety report.'


The only thing it says about this years event is - 

'Mental Health Awareness Week 2015 will take place from 11-17 May.'

Along with this form to learn more/get involved, which is really good as it basically means they are willing to publicise whatever you are doing -  

I think the best way for me to find out more would be to contact them directly explaining my ideas/project and see what their feedback is. 

Reply for MHF |

"Dear Will,

It's fantastic to hear that you are interested in getting involved in Mental Health Awareness Week (May 11-17) 2015!

We are currently in the planning stages ourselves, but I can tell you that next year's theme will be Mindfullness.

We will be producing a number of materials, which will include online applications, a report, booklet and posters to help support you with any events you are looking to organise. However initially we will send you a Supporter Kit to provide some event inspiration and a closer look at the theme.

I will add you to our mailing list to keep you up to date with the campaign.

Please let me know if you require any further assistance.


Louise Sheppard
Customer Services Manager
On behalf of Joanna Carson, Marketing Executive"


I never received anything else after this email so I decided to take it upon myself to get a better understanding of 'mindfulness' and Mental Health Week. Luckily, by the time I got round to doing this, most of the information I needed was on their website, along with relevant download material. 

I was surprised to find out it didn't actually mean exactly what I thought it did - I had it in my head it was within the context of being mindful to other people - like being thoughtful of other people/their own emotions/things that are going on with them, but in fact it is more something to do with your own well-being. Without sounding like a twat, not only did I find learning about this really interesting, I also found that it is something that could really improve my life. 

This is what I found on the MHA website:

"What is Mindfulness

You’ve probably heard a lot about Mindfulness in the media recently. Perhaps you think it means sitting cross-legged on the floor and meditating.

Maybe you think mindfulness means to simply concentrate on your breathing. You may have even heard that mindfulness means to focus on your bodily sensations? Well mindfulness is all of those things, and so much more. To shed some light on what mindfulness is, how it can be used and why it’s so beneficial we have decided to focus on the theme of mindfulness for Mental Health Awareness Week 2015.

Tell me, what is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment, without getting stuck in the past or worrying about the future. Mindfulness can be practiced standing, sitting and walking. It can be practiced both indoors and out; at home, in schools, at work or simply out and about. You can practice mindfulness for 5 minutes or 5 hours – that’s the great thing about mindfulness, you can tailor it to suit your own needs.

What you may be surprised to hear is that you have probably been mindful at some point in your life and didn’t even know it… Have you gone for a long walk, breathing in the crisp, fresh air and then suddenly realised that four hours have passed? Have you listened so intently to a song that for a moment, you weren’t thinking about anything but how beautiful the melody was? That’s mindfulness!

How can mindfulness help me?

Contrary to popular belief, mindfulness isn’t about emptying your mind of thoughts and ‘zoning out’. It can mean different things to different people. At the heart of it, mindfulness helps people observe the way they think and feel about their experiences, whether good or bad. This can really change the way you manage and react to stressful situations, giving you a valuable tool to stay mentally healthy, and an ever-expanding body of evidence shows that it really works.

Mindfulness is already known to be successful in helping people with mental and physical health problems, from stress, depression and anxiety to chronic pain, eating disorders and concentration, boost our productivity at work, and give us a greater enjoyment of life.

So, where can I learn mindfulness?

Despite its proven successes, access to mindfulness is still limited. We are campaigning for mindfulness practice to be widely available in prisons, schools, hospitals and the workplace. But we have still got a long way to go before we can make this dream a reality. We hope you will join us this year in taking part and raising awareness during Mental Health Awareness Week 2015!

Our Be Mindful Online Course is a 4-week online course is designed to guide you through all the elements of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (CBMT) and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). You’ll be taught by Ed Halliwell & Tessa Watt, both leading mindfulness trainers from the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, Bangor University, UK, and in as little as 4 weeks you can expect to be enjoying benefits including reduced stress, depression and anxiety. If you want to learn mindfulness visit the Be Mindful Online website."

Ok so just quickly summarising this, Mental Health Week 2015's aim is to raise awareness of mindfulness and being mindful. Mindfulness is a practice that can be learnt and in turn can really benefit our mental wellbeing. I have a feeling mindfulness is a term that is often overlooked by a lot of people, as there really isn't a huge amount of stuff that really 'promotes' it - obviously everyone has heard of meditation and knows that is supposed to be good for you, but I don't believe it is something the majority of people would do on a daily basis - kind of stuck with the stereotypical image of a buddhist crossed legged on the floor humming. 

Anyway, whats on the Be Mindful Website?

Taking notes from the video:

- Online course for learning and practicing
- Designed to bring awareness to life
- Managing difficulties more skilfully 
- Most strategies we use aren't helpful
- We try to hard to keep things under control/push away stress
- Mindfulness is about paying attention 
- Thoughts, feelings, sensations, environment 
- Gently bring awareness to experience in each moment 
- Being present - being with them 
- Create space for new ways of responding
- Work with our minds and bodies
- More appreciation - less anxiety 
- The techniques have been around for thousands of years 
- Scientific research showing how useful they are 
- Stress, anxiety, depression 
- General wellbeing
- Healthier, happier life 
- Don't have to be stressed - can be motivated!
- Fresh perspective 
- Live more fully, be alive! 

Looking further through the site I found that the course is actually costs money to do - £60, which is a real shame - surely it shouldn't be something people have to pay for. 

Seeing as though I don't have £60 to spend on this, here is the breakdown of the course - 

Getting Started
Includes: Introduction, Stress Assessment and Orientation

Week 1: Stepping out of Automatic Pilot
Includes: Routine Activity, Mindful Eating, Body Scan

Week 2: Reconnecting with Body and Breath
Includes: Mindful Movement, Event Awareness, Mindful Breathing

Week 3: Working with Difficulties
Includes: Breathing Space, Stress Awareness, Sitting Meditation

Week 4: Mindfulness in Daily Life
Includes: Activity Awareness, Breathing Space and Action Step, Stress Strategies

Going Forward
Includes: Review of Stress, Certificate and Additional Resources


Strange there isn't a proper link to this on MHF but I found what seems like the proper 'campaign site' for Be Mindful. This felt a bit more exiting than the course website -

It doesn't actually say anywhere what exactly this is but I'm presuming its kind of the branded campaign to raise awareness and promote the theme of this years mental health week. Not sure if it is supposed to be changing as it says be sure to check back on 11th May for our band new look! 

Anyway it gives another overview of Mindfulness, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, and also gives a big list of resources and other courses/events around the UK. There is actually loads going on. 

Another thing is it seems to be written in a bit more of a younger tone of voice, and going on the whole look of the campaign it seems as though this is targeting younger people. 


Supporter Kit 

Maybe should have just looked at this first:

Existing promo material - Posters & Flyer 

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