I explored my favourite idea digitally and took it further - 

I really liked the idea of this structure being able to adapt, change and do more than just be a static mark, but the dots didn't really allow for a mass amount of change, nor did they really act as a strong recognisable symbol. 

I showed the rest of the group but they weren't really feeling it either. I went back to square one, again, and started thinking deeper into how 'more' could be visualised. Through further research, I came to the conclusion the best ways to represent more would be to create something:

- 3D

I began sketching by using a square bounding box and exploring different ways shapes could show 'more', as well as variety. 

I also explored the idea of depth - 

3D structures: North point/diamond/shape of the North - 

3D 'N' - 

This then led me onto the idea of creating an isometric shape - 

I then began building the strongest ideas digitally -