Considering this is hopefully going to actually be used in the real world and produced on a mass scale, I think I really need to get in touch with some companies for some advice as I don't have time to experiment with every material going until I find the most practical.

These are the companies George gave me but I don't really know if they are what I'm after, plus they aren't very local - 

Durham Box

I think all they do is corrugated card... I don't want corrugated card. 

"Durham Box is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of corrugated cardboard packaging in the UK."

Contact Details

Durham Box Company Limited,
St Helen Auckland
Co Durham
DL14 9AD

01388 604024

01388 604034

Meridian Speciality Packaging

Might be worth contacting actually? Would prefer if I could visit the place but is quite a journey.

Meridian has established itself as one of the country's leading manufacturers and stockists of packaging for speciality food, chocolate and dry sweet confectionery and gifts.


These are the companies I have been looking at:

Jenson Packaging

Local and seems quite relevant. Worth a try. 

Jenson’s specialises in very short to medium quantities of cardboard sleeves, plain or printed cartons, boxes or other packaging formats in a wide variety of materials.

Call us on: 01904 691007
Stephen mobile: 0797 2405851
Joe mobile: 0793 0696247

Tickety Boo

Bit random - not overly concerned about the environmental affects of the packaging but based in could be interesting - knowhow on packaging - seem pretty keen to be contacted whatever the reason. 

Environmental consultancy. There’s a po-faced couple of words if ever we saw them. But environmental consultancy is exactly what’s needed if, together, we’re going to tackle shoddy product design, wasteful packaging and inefficient services as well as keeping on top of legislation.

T +44 (0)1530 515065
M +44 (0)7736 702222

The Wood Shed
20 Moira Road
DE12 7QE

Packaging Heaven 

Could be helpful...

At Packaging Heaven we are able to produce all aspects of bespoke food packaging & takeaway packaging to the highest standard with competitive prices & small print runs.

Benson Group 

We're proud to be one of the UK's leading printed carton suppliers to both the food and beverage industries.

This places website is pretty helpful on its own - gives you an insight to the different think that can be done - first nice website i've found as well. Maybe too big to use for a small business?

Sprint Finishing

We provide a full range service, from design to finishing allowing you to relax and for us to create the best product possible.

Definitely worth contacting as they are based in Leeds.