Finally got some brownies and blondies dropped off by George so I can get more of a vision of how the different flavours will look in the packaging and then consider how the graphics will look. Although I had already created mockups I wanted to try my final ideas with all the flavours just to give me an idea of colours and textures of the product. 


I feel this works really nicely - allows the product to be fully exposed to the consumer and would allow sufficient room for the brand mark/product information. Would be cheap to produce as well. I think the brown card works really well as well to compliment the colours of the product. 


I also thought of another option - most probably the cheapest , I considered how a stick on label could work. It made me think about the idea of a stamp style graphic - would give it quite a nice authentic /traditional look and feel. 


Finally trying out my custom box idea - does look slightly strange but I really like the fold back flap - love the idea of the buyer getting a special message to read or something like that when they open it - and it also means the graphics can be distributed more sparingly - more room.