I was now certain that the front of the packaging would have a 2x4" area on the front to hold graphics, so I began considering what this would look like. 

I started by sketching out some layouts and designs. I wanted these be really simple and  minimal, yet engaging through some kind of burst of colour coming from somewhere, whilst also keeping the brown & blond identity dominant and recognisable. I also bought a cactus. 

(Photos didn't pick up sketches well so they are badly edited, soz)

Taking this digital, I began by looking at the current logo and seeing if it needed any work. I did actually really like it as it was so didn't really push it very far, but I just wanted to check if any simple changes could improve it. I also kept the original colours and experimented with it on darker backgrounds as I don't want the packaging to be white. 

I then began taking my sketches digital for the graphics on the front of the sleeves/box. There was no fixed colour scheme, stock choice, layout or logo that I wanted to use as of yet so this was completely experimental. I decided to focus on one design and make it as strong as possible, then think about how the rest of the flavours can be designed, rather than doing it all at once. 

My main struggle was trying to find the balance of something rustic, luxurious and eye catching. George also seemed very exited about textures, so I also experimented with these in the designs although I felt the texture should come from the stock and not be applied digitally. 

There were certain elements of these first designs that I kind of liked so I took these and decided to explore them further. 

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