I developed very brief storyboards so they could inform the animation process, and then began animating  Although I had followed a couple of tutorials to learn the basics of what I wanted to do, most of it was pure trial and error and experimentation, therefore took me forever! 


This gif shows how a mask the same colour as the background moves to reveal the text underneath, therefore making it look like it is being drawn. I was not happy with how the composition looked with the grid just sat there on the opening of the sequence, and could not figure out how I could make it animate well, so I decided to remove it. 

Looking separated at how Tim was rigged - 

Another issue I was faced with that I still cannot resolve is the colour. Exporting into and out of different programmes and rendering meant that colours had been altered somewhat. This is annoying but even after asking professionals I can not sort it out so I will have to let it be.

This is a gif of the final first sequence - I created a version with a fade in and out as I felt this would be the best way for it to transition into the following sequence.


This gif shows how I have used the simplest animation techniques to create all the movements - positioning and scale for the bubbles, scale for the 'O', rotation for the lever, gauge, and clock hands, and opacity for the moving pipes. The trickiest part of this was getting all the timing right but it is most definitely my favourite sequence. 

Rigging Ronnie and Baldrick - love the eyebrow movement

Bringing everything together - 


This Gif shows how much of a huge pain in the arse this sequence was. Each particles needed its own individual path to follow and I was cross-eyed by the end of it. There will definitely be an easier and probably better way to do this but I could not find it at the time. (Colour has changed slightly)

Rigging Nigel - I tried to give his afro a nice bounce as it appears - 

Full third sequence with and without fade - 


I created a final sequence that presented the MOO logo and a link to their website -