STUDIO BRIEF 6  Initial Thoughts & Response |

I brought my initial thoughts on the subject of 'human form' into a spider diagram - 

"In aesthetics, the human figure or human form in art, sculpture and other art forms involves a study and appreciation of the beauty of the human body in its depiction or presentation. The study involves an appreciation of the body shape, including body postures - sitting, standing or even sleeping, and movements - walking, running, dancing etc. 

Kant refers to the human figure as the ideal of beauty. The human figure conforms very well to the law that states that form follows function, which is a result of evolution over thousands of generations."

When I think about the human form I am immediately drawn to the idea of diversity. I am fascinated with how no one single human is the same - everyone has something that makes them unique - body shape, body size, hair, wrinkles, muscle, fat, etc. There is so much diversity in the appearance of human beings and there are so many things, little or large, that make individuals unique. I love how these things can be distorted and emphasised through depiction.