SPECIAL DELIVERY - Once happy with my stock decisions, I went ahead and tried to order some. For some reason though, GF Smith like to make actually ordering the paper a big faff, and it turned out that the special embossed samples they had created for me can't actually be made up as an order. Not sure why as I had a piece of it in my hand so it must be possible to make? As well as this I realised that it would not be possible to buy a little amount. 

After a brief crit with colleagues, we came to the decision that the emboss I wanted to use really didn't give off the right feel anyway, so I decided to get the same stock, just without the emboss. The smallest order I could make was for 25 B1 sheets, which came to around £70 including posting. I must say I was amazed by the service - the order came literally the next morning. I felt like a king. I'm gonna give myself company name all the time now. 

From here I then needed to think about how many sleeves this amount would make, and how many I was actually going to make myself.

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