Absolutely love the idea of making something like this - a little personal hand-printed zine with a printed paper bag to put it in. I think zines are definitely something I have overlooked throughout my duration on the course - they appeal to me so much but I have never got round to making one - mainly because I do not have a lot of confidence with editorial work and layout, but I suppose a zine kind of gives you an excuse not to worry about that so much. 

I think the idea of printing the entire thing by hand is slightly impossible in the time scale that I have to do, not to mention it would probably need photography in it and this would be difficult to print and ruin the aesthetic, but I would still like to consider it. 

Looking more into existing zine designs that appeal to me - 

Also really like the idea of creating a zine but then developing the concept further with posters - other printed ephemera.

- Concertina style booklet could be interesting? 

- Concertina thing that could fold out into a poster? 

- Newspaper style publication? 

Aesthetics - 

Love the aesthetic and playful layouts for 99U Quarterly Magazine - maybe a bit too neat and clean for me I don't know. i do feel having a consistent colour theme throughout would make it easier to design  -