After reviewing my research again, I decided to make a list of dos and donts. The main reason for this was because when I was looking at existing pack designs it just made me realise how over the top most of them are. George has this amazing product, and in my eyes the main selling point (apart from the chocolate) is the fact that it is so simple - it's rustic, homely and you can tell it hasn't been made by a robot in a factory. The idea of covering it in all this shit just makes it seem artificial kind of ruins the whole thing. Obviously if its is going to be sold in retail it's not going to work the same way as it does on his market or in cafes - you can't just have a pile of brownies sat on a black slate in a supermarket - they need to be protected and packaged somehow - but i'm really being put off the idea of hiding the product inside a plastic wrapper inside a cardboard box, every inch covered in meaningless printed graphics - especially with all this talk of sustainability. 



- Hide the product
- Use an unnecessary amount packaging 
- Cover every inch of the packaging in graphics (unless they are really really good) 
- Make it expensive
- Tell porkies
- Over exaggerate about the product


- Keep it simple
- Keep the graphics clear
- Protect the product from damage
- Protect the product from going off
- Add value 
- Add luxury
- Add quality 
- Add style
- Add appeal 
- Work from the brand 'idea'
- Tell the brand story 
- Allow the product to become part of the design aesthetic